Free online math flash cards that I made

Got a phone, computer, or tablet? You can practice doing math in your head! 
As a parent of young children, I observed their tablet time throughout the week. I mean, which kid doesn’t love their tablets? Lately, I’ve introduced them to the idea that tablets are more than just devices to watch baseball highlights, cat videos, and games. It was also a key to unlock the world’s knowledge all in the palm of their hands. So since I have a background in writing code, I made a procedurally generated math quiz… basically, online math flashcards that get harder and harder as the player progresses and level up. 

Reasons to shoot film in a digital photography world

When I mention that I started shooting film again, most responses I get are usually, “Isn’t it more expensive to shoot film?” or “But film photographs look, old/retro.” It’s true, all of the above is correct.  But, in my opinion, there are benefits that have been somewhat overlooked or forgotten about with this old medium. Let’s cover a few of them.